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Thanks to our professionally equipped recording studio we can produce everything from sound recordings to music mixes to advertisements in-house. For our clients this means an extra flexibility in terms of timing, adaptability and quality of work.


With over 10 years of experience, moskito productions is a specialist in the postproduction field. Synchronisations, processing of o-tones, synchronization, composition of the soundscape and background noise, sound design, soundtracks, film music and of course delivery of the right mix are only some of moskito's expertise areas.


We create ideas and produce tailor-made advertising spots for radio, TV, cinema or web. There is no limit to our creativity as you can hear for yourself with the many examples of our productions.

Answer machine message

Fed up with getting the same answer machine and hold messages wherever you're calling? We are too! Which is why we create custom-made spots and music backgrounds for your hold or answer machine messages. We have a large selection of female or male speakers in all languages as well as a large choice of stock musical elements. If wanted we can of course also create a unique music just for you.

Indoor spots

Large retail spaces provide the perfect environment for in-house audio advertisements that allows retailers to bring their message across to the customers in real-time - right when they are in your store. Moskito productions can provide you with ready-to use spots in whatever language and format you require.


Whether we're talking about international advertising spots, business movies, the synchronization of animated movies or the voice over into another language, moskito productions has the right equipment and experience to do it. We have a large selection of speakers and our technical equipment is of the highest standards.

Sound Identity

A sound identity will add the little extra to your corporate ID. Just think about the Telekom Jingle or the music in the apple ads. You're musical identity has to be custom made and in perfect alignment with the rest of your communication. Tailor-made music and musical slogans or jingles for your advertisements, corporate movies or radio spots is another expertise area of moskito. We will compose you a unique music that will be recorded with professional musicians and afterwards transformed into all kinds of different musical formats available solely to you.


A good Mix is the product of a good ear. Your message needs to be heard in a clear and concise way. To provide you with the best possible quality for all your mixes, the moskito productions crew is formed of highly qualified and experienced people that can deliver mixes in all kinds of formats.


Our studio can also be booked. We are happy to send you our daily and hourly rates in case of interest.

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