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What reaction do we want to get from people? What should they think and feel? How should they act when hearing your advertisement?
For your spot to be successful you will need an original catching idea. The moskito team is here to help you with creative ideas..


Having a unique and creative idea is one thing. Rephrasing this idea into an effective short text is a completely different thing that needs professional experience. This is especially important with the tight time frames for radio, tv and cinema spots. We are also able to analogously translate your spots.


Moskito develops concepts for advertising campaigns. A successful audio campaign requires a detailed analysis and a well thought-off conception. Headlines need to get straight to the point and be catchy. Some will show a certain type of humor while others need to be more formal. The prerequisites for writing good spots and campaign concepts are experience, knowledge and creativity - 3 things that moskito possesses.


Our team of professional authors and copywriters creates editorial texts for all areas. (Luxemburgish, German, French or English)


Spots for TV, cinema or web
Promotional movies for your company.

You want a new advertising spot for tv but have no idea how it could look like? Ask us and we will provide you with a full storyboard showing the main elements of the spot and an explicatory text about the flow of the spot. Storyboards will usually be sketched.

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